Kay Gravesande is an innovative and creative HR Professional

with over a decade of experience

across multiple industries, including Human Resources,

Administration, Property Management and Healthcare. 

She has extensive experience working closely with C-Suite

executives and managing complex projects from acquisitions,

benefits administration and resolving employee relations issues,

to reporting, on-boarding with training and risk management.

As a first generation college graduate, she prides herself on staying focused on her career goals,

staying current on her industry training and leading the way for young black girls to follow in

her footsteps.

Kay is no stranger to feeling alone in her professional environment with a pigmented skin tone. Statistically, women of

color are drastically underpaid compared to their peers - why does this matter? Because she is taking steps to change the narrative around this norm. She's been fortunate to work with everyone from high profile celebrities to the common laborer; this spectrum of interaction is why confidentiality is always of utmost importance in her work. She always works with a smile as she practices an "Open Door Policy" with her colleagues, walking the tightrope between People and Policy.

Hometown                                                                                                                                       Favorite Food                                                                                                               Fun Fact About Me

Cincinnati, OH                                                                   Chicken Wings                                                   I was a cheerleader for 16 years

About Kay

About Career Kay llc

Career Kay llc was launched in January 2018. In our infancy stage, our focus was on providing the tools and resources necessary for students and professionals to develop critical thinking skills and basic business etiquette for operating in their daily corporate roles.

Our founder, Kay Gravesande, noticed the need for these resources along her own personal journey. Despite having access to prestigious primary and secondary education systems, she entered the corporate world still feeling clueless on how to interact with working professionals.  Although her heart was in the right place, she fumbled her way through what to say in office meetings, what to wear at an off-site employee event and what to order when having lunch with the District VP. 


As her network grew, Kay noticed her naïve experiences weren't unique. The lack of training for young adults entering the workforce trudging their way through corporate offices was blatantly obvious through conversations with millennial or Gen Zs and through her industry experience. She also noticed the need for HR Consulting assistance in the small business sector.


Today, Career Kay llc offers group training and ghostwriting services. Kay Gravesande is passionate about career empowerment, and is an accomplished Speaker, which you can book for your next event.. We utilize our professional history and personal experience to deliver customized solutions to our clientele. We are proudly building trusted, long-term relationships - working with us is not a one time transaction.