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Kay Gravesande is an innovative HR Professional with over a decade of experience in Corporate America. She has extensive experience working closely with C-Suite executives and managing complex projects from acquisitions, benefits administration and resolving employee relations issues, to reporting, on-boarding with training and risk management. As a first generation college graduate, she prides herself on staying focused on her career goals, staying current on her industry training and leading the way for young girls to follow in  her footsteps. She found Career Kay LLc in 2018 to serve small businesses with customized solutions while devloping long term relationships. 

Although she loves her work, her purpose is fulfilled through parenting her two little boys and growing in life with her best friend and husband, Waynelle. They believe in challenging the norms, spreading light and serving their community. 

Hometown                                                                                                                                       Favorite Food                                                                                                               Fun Fact About Me

Cincinnati, OH                                                                   Chicken Wings                                                   I was a cheerleader for 16 years

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Idaho Nonprofit Center Statewide Conference 

LIVE conference for statewide nonprofit employees hosted September 1st. Kay will present her featured presentation, "Identifying Bias". 

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Illinois Career Connections Conference

In this DOE sponsored event,  Kay engaged administrators in IL from a minority professional perspective. Both sessions were interactive and had lots of follwo up!

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Leading Presence, Canada

Over the course of eight weeks, Kay answered a series of questions posed by employees all over the word, making her an international speaker.

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Tiara PR Network

A great discussion with a fellow black business owner about helping women get back into the workplace.

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Columbia College Chicago MANiFEST Urban Arts Fesitival 

Kay hosted a presentation for the students of Columbia College helping them learn to Be Their Own Champion in their career.

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HERComplexion LLC

Kay was featured by a leading women's empowerment organization in TN, answering candid questions about the workplace as a black prfessional.



DePaul Cristo Rey High School

Working with high school students is always fun - Kay spoke to the students of DCR HS to prepare them for upcoming work study opportunities. 


Kay recently sat down with Shelly Tuscano of  online magazine, Shoutout ATL to discuss the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur. To read the full article, click below.

For press and media inquiries, please contact and someone will get back to you within 72 hours. 

Thank you. 

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