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Growth Hurts

We've always known growing pains to be a physical burden of achy joints and sore ligaments around your preteen years, but what about the emotional toll growth takes on your body, mind and spirit? In conversation, I've often heard colleagues talk about growth as this romanticized notion of change - something so beautifully easy and peaceful, we patiently wait for our fairy godmother to show up with her magic wand and engulf us in a swirl of glittering dust to transform us into something anew.

It would be nice if growth was all sparkles and horse-drawn carriages, but in reality the process is much more painful and takes way longer than the wave of a wand to complete. In the word's of J. Cole "there's beauty in the struggle" - every challenge we face and obstacle we conquer teaches us something about ourselves. We need these battles to evolve, otherwise we remain complacent and fragile.

Success in your professional career shares the same struggle as personal growth. You starting point is just that - a new opportunity for you to soak up information, craft your skills and develop your understanding. As you move along your journey, you will come across obstacles of many different forms, yet defeating each one will help you progress and dive deeper in your niche.

As I just mentioned, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes - they can be anything from tasks on the job, to people in your life. For example, in my first career position I had to learn flexibility. I came into the role with one expectation, and shortly after being in the position I realized more of me would be required to be successful. I was challenged with adapting to what was necessary to succeed vs. what I wanted to do (and what I was lead to believe I would do). Choosing to adapt helped my reputation with the organization and taught me to get out of my own way.

Throughout your life you will be constantly evolving. We cannot be the best version of ourselves without pushing forward... expanding our vocabulary, learning more about topics of interest, developing hobbies, and crafting our skills. If at any point you feel stagnant and comfortable, take it as a red flag... it's time for change.

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