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How to Know When it's Time to Hire Help

As you journey along your career path, there may be times when you stumble. Don't fret, it's totally normal to wander off and smell the roses or stop and take a nap before you reach your end point. But sometimes it's hard to determine when we are taking a moment to catch our breath, and when we need help clearing the path of debris so that we can continue.

When networking, I am often asked “How do I know it’s the right time for me to hire a coach?”. While the question may sound simple, it's a valid inquiry. Our society is built on "survival of the fittest", pushing the idea that needing help makes you inferior. Yet if we take a second to look at common everyday challenges from managing bills, working full time, parenting and developing relationships, we shouldn't be ashamed to reach out for assistance.

A career development coach can help you develop the characteristics you need in order begin seeing real growth in your career. These skills will then lead to reaching your desired level of success. Just keep in mind a career development coach is not a miracle worker. While we can provide useful tips and resources, none of it will matter if you aren’t ready to invest in yourself. Let's be honest, there won’t be a magical “aha!” moment to alert you it’s time to seek help, but there are a few signs you should pay attention to that can help you make the decision.

- You’re frustrated with not seeing the results you desire. If everything you’ve tried doesn't seem to gain any traction, then it’s time for you to seek help from someone who can pin-point exactly what you’re doing wrong.

- You feel lost. Once you've been stuck in a career field for a certain amount of time, things can feel routine and mundane. You'll start to think "hmmm maybe there's more for me" , which is shortly followed by "but where do I start?". Instead of chasing your tail, reach out to a professional who can map out a clear action plan for you - this will make obtaining your goals much easier.

- You need accountability. Are you stuck? If you said yes, I bet it's partially because you don't have someone to hole you accountable for your words. Identifying your goal is a great first step, but then what? A coach can help prioritize your task list, turning your to-do list into a to-done.

Once you've realize it’s time to hire help, your next thought is likely what will it cost? In all transparency, a career development coach could range from affordable to pretty pricey, but the investment is definitely worth it; here's why...

- Customized Attention. In a world where everything is available to us through a smartphone or tablet, most people think all their problems can be solved by watching a video or reading motivational memes. When it comes to something as valuable as your career development, you need customized advice that is tailored to your specific needs. Your coach will listen to your story and develop a plan targeting your pain points, which will help you reach your desired level of success and not someone else's.

- Expert Guidance. A career development coach has several years of experience in their industry, working with clients and counseling leadership. When you succeed, they succeed. Hiring a coach gives you access to expert tools and resources to iron out small details on your career path so that you can focus on sharpening skills and networking.

- Lifelong Relationship. Career coaches aren't usually people that come in your life only to say "See ya" when the goal is reached. Once your relationship is established, they are a valuable resource and network connection you can call on as you continue to advance.

Hiring a coach can be a game-changer when it comes to developing your career, especially when you’re looking to make a major transition or pivot in your industry. If you're still on the fence, there's no harm in starting a conversation and my consultation is free.

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