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How to make the most out of remote work

One of the challenges of working remotely is that you can't feed off the energy that hums through an office. You might be all alone -- or in a space that's bustling with distractions that might seem more interesting than what you really should be doing. Staying motivated and on task in this environment requires discipline and self-motivation.

There are numerous studies that support a flexible workplace like a better work and life balance and savings on building utilities. There is also a struggle in communication, engagement and connection.

To help be your best, here are our suggestions to make the most in your remote role.


When working from home, it can be a challenge to focus. There may be family members at home, or distractions in every room. Regardless of where you work, you have a responsbility to meet the targets that have been set by the company’s leaders. To boost your focus and productivity, you can create a dedicated workspace. It may be a corner in the living room, or a dedicated office. Take a moment to find a desk and chair that meet your storage needs and are ergonomic. Hang motivational wall art and create a visually appealing background for video calls. Ensure you have some way for noise cancellation - if not a door to the room, try headphones.


Another way to help you in a remote role is to seek out opportunities for professional growth. Explore what your company provides in the way of training or upskilling programs that fit your career path. If the company doesn't offer much, seek out workshops, seminars, conferences and certification programs you're interested in. Ask your leader if the company will subsidize your enrollment -- or better yet, pay for it outright.


Sometimes we struggle in our remote work because there is no structure. Create a routine for your day-to-day, with built in time for breaks. Wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day. After you get out of bed, stick to a specific order of the steps that are in your usual morning routine - i.e. coffee, shower then desk time. If you are used to reading a book while having breakfast, then do it every day throughout the week. When you have a routine, you will have an easier time focusing. Your brain will be able to recognise the distinction between the working hours and time that is meant for more relaxing activities.

Remote work is here to stay, after two years of employers promoting virtual work across the world. Although there are many challenges that come with distance, there are ways to adapt to this changing workforce - from focusing on development to feeling comfortable in your home office.

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