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Product Review: JustFab Ruched Shoulder Bag & Stiletto Heeled Sandal

Having a good bag and heel combo is essential for the business woman wanting to move from her office to a night out with the girls. I bought the Ruched Shoulder Bag and No Time to Waste Stiletto Heeled Sandal from JustFab in "High Risk Red" and will dish all the details on the good, bad and okays below!

First Impressions

I wanted a sassy red shoe and bag set that could transition from the office to happy hour with minimal effort at an affordable price. JustFab has been a secret weapon in my arsenal for go to items, so I keep an eye out on their site. When I found this set, I loved the color and the size of the bag. The gold strap on the bag was a key factor in my decision to purchase, as it was a feature that I could highlight time and time again, pairing with jewelry or allowing to stand on its own.

A Night on the Town

I wore this set in Miami during date night with husbae. I paired it with a champagne colored satin bodycon dress, and let the red color be the stunner. With the dress in a mute tone, I knew I needed the pop of color to stand out. As mentioned, I wore simple gold and diamond jewelry with a red lippie.

When designing this look, I really wanted attention to be drawn to the bag and shoes to pull my outfit together. I started with my dress, and once I knew it was simple and elegant I wanted a bold color to bring the heat.

Highs and Lows

Every product has areas it shines. The ruched shoulder bag was very spacious, and lightweight, which made it easy to carry through the night. I could easily fit my wallet, lipstick, phone and keys into this bag. The No Time to Waste Stiletto Heeled Sandal looked amazing on my feet, are true to size and I received a ton of compliments on them.

On the low emd, the chain strap on the bag feels like plastic and I worried if it would break if I pulled on it too hard. The zipper on the bag sticks in the corner, so I was careful not too unzip it fully, because doing so would cause struggle to close it up agian. The shoes were not comfortable at all and I added clear padding to the ball so my feet wouldn't slip. This was the first time I wore them, so perhaps after I break them in I will update.

The padding did help when I was standing, as it was a little bit of a cushion for the ball of my feet.I recommend adding padding to this shoe before wearing.

The Final Score

Overall, the color combo is outstanding and I received a ton of compliments on my look throughout the night. The spaciousness of the bag is also an important factor in this score so I give this set a 3/5.

The heel is uncomfortable and needs modifications for it to be an all night thing, so I can't bump the score up and the zipper on the bag sticks. Thankfully, my strap has not broken after one use, but I am careful as it is so lightweight and feels like plastic (or another lightweight material) I purposely don't pull on it.

If you have tried this set, or a similar one leave a comment, and share your experience!

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